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  • Longevity

    Increasing numbers of people are living significantly longer lives than ever before. Although this is a good thing, there are certain areas which we need to be mindful of. Some of the elderly often carry severe physical, mental and emotional health issues and other needs that should not be mindful…

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  • Longevity Issues

    As people attain the ages at which there is degeneration, they often need the attention and care of their next of kin and doctors. Frequently, as evidenced in society nowadays, those very individuals are their busy middle-aged adult children who are fending for their careers, caring for their children (and…

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  • Options for the elderly

    Often, when the person in need is an elderly parent or aged relative, many will try their best to summon up their physical, emotional, financial and other resources to help. This can include sorting out the elderly person’s bills, driving the elderly person for medical appointments and also management of…

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What We Do

  • Elderly Day Care

    Elderly Day Care

    Elderly Day Care– For children or next of kin who are busy at work, we provide elderly day care services for the aged. Clover Care Centre provides both elderly day care and also 24/7 round the…

  • 24 hrs Nursing Care

    24 hrs Nursing Care

    24hrs Nursing Care– We provide 24/7 round the clock nursing care. Clover Care Centre provides both elderly day care and also 24/7 round the clock nursing care for the affirmed and aged. We treat all our…

  • Subacute Nursing Care

    Subacute Nursing Care

    Subacute Nursing Care – Our specialities include geriatric care , palliative care , tracheotomy care , wound care , pressure ( bed ) sore care and more. Geriatric Care Management is the process of planning &…


Clover Care Centre and its staff are committed to ensuring that the best possible care is given to our residents. We yearn to ensure that the mental and physical well-being of the residents would be catered for in a professional and safe environment. We endeavour to promote dignity, respect and independence in a place that they can call “a home away from home”. Our resident-centric care team are also here to provide the necessary support to ensure that quality care is given with compassion and trust at all times.


Mr. Tan
“Dr. Tee has been my family doctor for the past 20 years and I would not hesitate to entrust my parents to his team should the need arise.”
Mr. Lee
“I will entrust my mother with Clover Care Centre as I believe in the ability and professionalism of Dr. Tee.”