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How to Choose a Right Dental Air Compressor for Your Dental Practice?

This article pertains more to a dental practice or a medical equipment supplier who would want the best for their dental practice. Keeping up to date on the latest in medical technologies is vital to providing the best possible service to the end users. Do you know that an oil-lubricated compressor has a higher risk of contaminating the compressed air with lubricant? If you are intending to go oil-free, what should you take note of? Thus, it is imperative that when you look for an oilless dental air compressor supplier and their related listings, you will definitely come across the following ratings that will have an impact on your purchasing decision. In case you are unfamiliar with the ratings and terms, here is a brief refresher.

Performance Ratings (CFM, PSI, and HP)
For most medical air compressors, these basic performance ratings are a direct indicator of power and reliability. But dental air compressors do not need to have higher ratings in any of these categories.

Noise Level
Dental work requires precision and the patient remaining calm to be safe. If a compressor is too loud, then it can agitate patients or distract practitioners which can lead to accidents, liability issues, and poorer customer service experiences.

Compressor Size
You have to consider how many operators will be in use at a time when selecting a compressor. The compressor’s capacity will be a great indicator of whether or not it’s worth your time. Capacity is the output in liters per minute (lpm), with most chairs needing around 50 lpm.

When we refer to value, we don’t just mean cost. In many cases, higher quality tools may cost more, but they provide enough reliability to last for a long time and pay for themselves in the long run.

Air Quality
Air quality is more important than any other factor when choosing a dental air compressor. With the potential risk of exposure to pathogens, bacteria and microorganisms, this is undeniably the most important factor when choosing a brand new compressor.

Specific Features You Want
Three of the most important components of your dental air compressor will be the purge tank, the oil filter, and wet/dry indicators. Whether you are starting a brand new dental practice or looking for an upgraded equipment, dental air compressors should be at the top of the list. Not only do you want quiet compressors that can run as many dental chairs as you need, you want higher quality products that won’t require frequent repair and maintenance or replacement. If you want your practice to grow and expand, then consider your choices carefully. We hope that this buying guide has been useful to your compressor purchasing decision.

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