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How To Deal With Nerves

How To Deal With Nerves

Everyone from the young to the elderly should learn how to deal with their nerves. Although laughter is the best medicine at times, it is best to learn how to approach the different scenarios in the vagaries of life. We have come up with some simple tips to help you cope better. Hope this helps!

Get enough sleep

Make sure that you get plenty of rest the night before an interview. When you are well rested it is easier to keep your nerves in check. Take a look at these Black Friday mattress coupons and invest in your sleep.

Avoid speaking quickly

When you have nerves, you’d probably speak a lot faster than usual. If you’re in a situation where you are nervous such as waiting to be interviewed, you should practice breathing in slowly through your nose for 3 seconds and then breathe out slowly over 3 seconds. Make sure and repeat this at least three times and it will take you about 18 seconds to complete. Once you’ve done this, you would have naturally reduced your heart rate and your speech should be more controlled.

Prevent yourself from shaking

If you have hands that shake due to nerves, simply squeeze your muscles in your thighs or butt. Once you clench these muscles, your hands will stop shaking. This will help you to feel and look a lot more confident than you actually are. Also, your clothes will prevent others from seeing what you’re doing.

Reduce voice shaking

In order to get rid of voice shaking, stick your tongue out from your mouth as far out as you can and say the Humpty Dumpty rhyme. This will help to open your throat and make you sound a lot more authoritative and confident. Be sure to do this before you go on an interview and not in front of anyone.

Stand up while waiting

Before your interview, you’ll likely be given a seat so you can wait until you’re called. However, avoid sitting and stand instead. You definitely don’t want your first impression to be that of a person who is trying and struggling to get out of their chair. When you remain standing this will make you appear to be more confident and you’ll also be on eye level when you meet your interviewers.

Figure out a good sitting position

Don’t trust the back of any chair that you sit on. It is very easy to lean back too much which can cause your throat to tighten. Instead, it is better to lean forward slightly and this will make you look and feel a lot better and more dynamic.

Keep your hands in sight

There are studies that show that when you keep your hands visible such as on the table as opposed to hiding them, you’ll be more likely to get the job. This is because it indicates honesty.

Make others feel good

In an interview, most people try to make themselves look good. However, if you’re like most people, you likely get quite bored when other people attempt to talk about themselves for most of the time without being interested in you. So, make sure that you ask the interviewer questions about themselves and be eager about their replies. You should always try to seem focused and passionate when it comes to the job but avoid bragging about yourself too much.


When you’re very nervous, you’ll likely find it difficult to truly listen and accurately answer questions. This is due to the fight or flight mode you’d find yourself in. Therefore, try to reduce this and actually listen. It will also make them feel valued and special.


Lastly, always try to use your normal voice as opposed to a public and formal voice when speaking. For example, avoid talking too loudly. You should try to talk as though you’re among friends.


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