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How to get rid of hemorrhoids naturally and quickly!

Have you ever wondered why you still have hemorrhoids or constipation or even can’t eliminate your faeces completely even after consuming fruits, vegetables and drinking lots of plain water? There is a physiological reason and it probably is more common in the elderly and those who lead sedentary lifestyles, mostly not by choice. Who wouldn’t want to lead healthier lives moving about?

What is constipation? What are Hemorrhoids?

According to webmd, constipation means that your bowel movements are impeded or occur less frequently, resulting in you having trouble excreting. It also goes on to mention that hemorrhoids or piles are swollen veins in the lowest part of the rectum and anus. They too might bleed if the strain exerted causes them to burst. This is usually caused by pressures such as lifting something heavy like what the bodybuilders do, or pushing/straining very hard during bowel movements in the toilet. The latter case is very common – especially for the elderly.

Why constipation or hemorrhoids occurs?

anorectal angle - puborectalis muscleAfter some research at https://www.guidetogettingridofhemorrhoids.com/, we discovered that there is a physiological reason for this. If you look closely at the above picture which you are already looking more attentively, the colon has a natural kink that helps to maintain continence. In the normal upright sitting position, the puborectalis muscle is only partially relaxed to block the flow of faecal waste. This would mean that the puborectalis muscle is not fully relaxed when we are upright and this forces us to strain more if we are sitting on the toilet bowel. For some places where the toilet bowl is already on the ground and you are squatting, it is fully relaxed and you eliminate easily. This is the reason why some places or countries have less incidences of constipation. At our place here in the nursing home, most of the toilet bowls are the sitting type. In addition, the elderly are really old and you can’t expect them to squat. For those with weak legs, can they come back up and stand after squatting? I doubt so. They will call for help instead and we are not sure if their knees can take it. Its better we get them a squat stool instead.

Hence, it is imperative that you get a squat stool to properly eliminate all faeces when you go to the toilet. It also relieves the pressure and strain at the rectum and anus where you are less likely to get hemorrhoids also. Preventive measures is definitely more welcomed than consuming laxatives. Of course, laxatives are still required if the condition persists – waste materials and faeces are not really welcomed for an extended stay in the body!

Health Diet and Exercise are still a must!

Having mentioned all the above, you are still well advised to eat healthy. Consumption of vegetables and fruits are vital to ensure the overall well-being of the human body. Fruits that are high in fibre are also recommended. You do know that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Fluid consumption is also a must. Consume plenty of water to ensure that urine and faeces can be moved efficiently during the bowel movement process. If you really want, you can consider taking prune or pineapple juice to help excrete better. The above are not intended to be medical treatment for any condition you might have and you are still well advised to see a medical professional.


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