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Increasingly Impaired Abilities of Seniors

Most people who live with and/or care for an older person would understand that with ageing comes an increased risk of the older person experiencing key difficulties. Such difficulties are usually the normal everyday tasks such as managing daily finances, performing routine household chores and errands, preparing meals or even getting on or off the bed. It normally comes as a big surprise to their children when their father or mother who is usually very prompt in making bill payments suddenly “forgetting” to pay the bills. It normally manifests as a stack of unpaid bills at a corner of the house. As you can already imagine, individuals who are age 80 and older have the greatest risk in performing such activities of daily living.

Another area of distress is that even if a parent or relative has never been a subject of scammers before, many elderly with impaired cognitive abilities are at high risk of being cheated. These criminals are always looking for easy “preys” that they can wear down with their aggressive or persistent endeavours. Sometimes, they masquerade as a neighbour repairman who wants to take a look at the roof or pipes to check for leaks, thereby gaining the trust of the elderly. Once they are able to enter, it would seem that the criminals can then help themselves to the valuable items in the house. It is always better to tell the elderly not to be too trusting, but that is easier said than done. One of the reasons is that they are mostly left to themselves when their children or next of kin is at work. With the boredom and isolation of having no one to talk to, a friendly and chatty repairman is a welcome refreshing change. Another example is led by the increasing numbers of older people who now have access to the internet. In the internet, they are often lured into giving their bank account numbers.

Hence, one of the services that we feel can help reduce such occurrences is the elderly day care for the elderly. With the elderly being taken care of at an elderly day care centre, it always gives a peace of mind to their children or next of kin.

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