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Elderly Day Care

Elderly Day Care

Elderly Day Care– For children or next of kin who are busy at work, we provide elderly day care services for the aged.

Clover Care Centre provides both elderly day care and also 24/7 round the clock nursing care for the affirmed and aged. We treat all our residents equally and will strive to ensure that the requisite care given is suited for the party being cared. Through our experience, social-demographic trends are pushing the need for eldercare facilities.

With rising economic growth and taxes as nations progress, family nuclei have become smaller. Prior to the current generation, it was the norm to have 3 or more kids. At the moment, families are becoming smaller with 1 to 2 kids and for certain cases, no kids at all. The common reason given is the rising cost of living. With this burgeoning trend, the responsibility of looking after and caring for the aged is shared among fewer next of kin. This exerts a tremendous amount of pressure – financially, physically and emotionally on the caregivers.

Take for example a single child family. When that single child grows up to be an adult and have his/her own family, there is also an added responsibility to help look after the aged parents. If both parents are fit and healthy, there should not be much of a problem. However, the problem sets in when one or both of the aged parents succumb to an injury or illness. As a result, there is a need to give more care and concern to the affirmed aged parent. Evidently, since there is a need for dual income for most families, both husband and wife have to be working to upkeep the housing mortgage, car mortgage, living expenses, child care expenses and also allowances for the grandparents. The end result would be that there would be no one at home to help look after the elderly. The working adults would only be home after work and the most suitable and logical solution would be to place the affirmed elderly in an elderly day care centre or nursing home, much like a child care centre for the young.

Our nursing home is suitable for those on short term or respite care. An example would include an elderly who might have broken her hip bone and requires specialised nursing care. Individuals who got hurt in motor accidents and would like a place for convalescence can also consider our nursing home. Long term residents at our nursing home would actually include those affirmed elderly who do not have the specialised personnel at home to render effective care. Last but not least, those elderly who are still as fit as a fiddle are also most welcome at our care centre for the care and companionship. Some of these elderly who are in the pink of health would only be here during the day when the other adults in the family are out at work.